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Haze Generator American DJ
Create an instant mist of fog! · The Haze Generator is a heaterless fog machine that produces an even mist of fog instantly. No warm-up time necessary · Great for stage performances, bands, clubs, bowling centers etc..30 foot remote control with timer, haze duration, and interval control · Tank capacity: 2.5 liter
Output: 3,500 cubic feet per minute · Dimensions: 19" x 9.75" x 9.25".Weight: 27 Ibs. · 120V or 220V operation · Uses Haze waterbase or oil liquid only
Le Maitre - Our best selling hazer!
Radiance Hazer Le Maitre’s New Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Once again, Le Maitre is setting new standards that all other haze machines will be measured against. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan. This combination offers excellent Haze Control and Even Dispersion. The Radiance can also be operated by an optional Remote or by utilizing the onboard variable settings. Additional features include an IDC removable Power Cable and Multi-use Bracket. The Radiance uses the Neutron Haze Fluid which is a proven fluid that offers the best in low consumption and great hang time. It utilizes the various sizes of the Le Maitre fluid containers.

Serviceability is key; built with Le Maitre’s innovative 4-Port Rapid Clean Vaporizer. It can be cleaned and returned to service in less than 15 minutes.

Fluid Consumption: 6.7 cc per/ min (Full Output)

Length: 16.13 " 40.97 cm Width: 13 " 33.02 cm Height: 7 " 17.78 cm Net Weight: 28 lbs 12.7 kg Rating: 110 volt AC 50/60 hz 5 amps. Regulatory Compliance: CSA-certified for the US and Canadian markets, to the applicable US and Canadian standards.
SAFE FOR USE ON “LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCES” – This product has been included in the "Equipment Based Guidelines For the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze" that has been prepared with the support of Equity-League Pension and Health Trust Funds, ESTA, et al.
To view the Calibration Factors for Monitoring Theatrical Smoke, Fog and Haze please see the "Downloads" section further down this page.

Fluid - Neutron Haze Fluid - 4 Litre Jug - $99.00

Remote - $145.00

Diffusion DF-50 Reel EFX
The DIFFUSION FOGGER is the cleanest most cost effective atmospheric fogger
DIFFUSION Fog is totally odorless and can only be detected visually. No sore throats, funny smells, or burning eyes.
Suggested list price: $2695 Instant On, No warm up required Holds 2 liters (1/2 gal) fluid, 35+ hours of runtime Fog Hang Time is over 3 hours in an enclosed space. Safety Tested by Cal-OSHA and League of American Theaters Size (HxWxL): 35x38x21 cm, 14x15x8 inches Weight: 16 kg, 35 lb Power: 100-125V 4.6A 200-240V 1.9A (50 or 60 Hz)
Fluid $49/gal
Hazemaker ROSCO
With any type of live entertainment, it is important to create the correct atmosphere for the audience, as well as to enhance the design concepts of the scenery and lighting. That's why Rosco developed the Hazemaker, a unique instrument to create a unique effect.
The machine has been designed to run continuously to fill the venue and to maintain the haze effect. The output of the machine has been calibrated to produce just the right level for focused beams of light to be seen. Under normal lighting conditions the effect will not interfere with the audience's ability to see. These features make the Rosco Hazemaker ideal for concert and moving light applications, as well as the more traditional theatrical productions.
Though the Hazemaker creates an effect similar to that of a "cracked oil" machine, the Rosco Haze Fluid developed for this machine contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oil. By eliminating the oil, Rosco eliminates concerns about residue on sensitive electronic equipment. With the Hazemaker it is no longer necessary to cover or protect control consoles and sound boards.
The Hazemaker is self contained in a custom designed road case. The two handles and four casters facilitate handling.
Jungle Mist

Now you can simply use water for mist and fog effects, back projection, or just for cleansing and moisturizing the air. Keeps the dust down! We’ve created a misting system that is easy to hang, easy to assemble, easy to create, easy to change, it's odorless and refreshing!
Anti-Drip and 150 nozzle versions available!
Used on stage by familiar names like, "The Seattle Opera House," "L’Opera de Montreal," and others, they have found this "cleansing mist" to be so fine, that it doesn’t get the floor wet (also available in regular and heavy mist). Quick response for: fog, haze, swirling atmospheric effects and for moisturizing the atmosphere. You can even project an image on the mist creating a three-dimensional movie screen.
Now you can "cut out the deadness in the air." Add life to the atmosphere by using the Jungle-Mist System™. It’s as easy as attaching a sprinkler to the hose. With the quick push together fittings and thin, lightweight, black nylon tubing, you can stretch this system over 300’ with 35 fogging heads in all directions to create the look you desire. It’s as easy as hanging a rope across an open area, or strapping it up with tiny "tie-wrap" to your pipe rack.
Each of the 35 fogging heads have a valve that immediately stops the flow, yet keeps the water in the line for instant response. This system comes with everything you need…just add water. It can be plugged into any wall outlet (13 amps) and the water is from a hosed outlet. The pump is quiet and there’s no spitting or noisy air release from the nozzles.
Ask for the misting system that’s one-third the cost of other conventional systems. Other systems aren't made for the theatre. They don’t have the ease in creative abilities, the dryness, the ease in application, and the quietness. Let us help you create your next mist, haze, or fog design.

Components Included with each Order
1 Pump - 1 gallon per minute at 800 p.s.i., with 2 solenoids (quiet) with wheels
1 Filter with separate connecting tubing (tan color) and hose attachment
35 Fine nozzles with anti-drip and push-connector fitting (.008)
35 26" Straight high-pressure black tubing (attached to nozzles)
1 50' Roll of black tubing (thick wall, high pressure nylon 3/8"O.D.)
1 Tubing cutter
4 End plugs (fits into push-connector)
3 90° Elbows
3 3-Way connectors (for manifolds)
1 4-Way connector
1 Low-pressure drain hose tubing (tan color) Straps or tie-wraps to anchor line.
1 Instructions to assemble in 15 minutes.
1 Additional parts price sheet.
If needed, additional tubing may be ordered. The Jungle Mist pump will operate with up to 300' of tubing and 35 fine, 30 regular or 25 heavy spray mist heads. Tubing may be cut at any location, or spacing may be added between connectors. Simply push the connectors into the next tubing for quick assembly of the nozzles with 26" space between them. To add additional lines anywhere simply cut the tubing and add a 3-way connector to go in another direction. This entire unit can be assembled in 15 minutes without assistance from a plumber! It's quick, it's easy and it is always adjustable.
Additional tubing

Jungle-Mist System™ Road Case

Universal DMX Relay (15a, 1 channel

Product weight: 90 lbs. (41 kgs)
Shipping weight: 95 lbs. (43 kgs)
Shipping Box Size:(L x W x H) 23" x 18" x 19" (58.4cm x 45.7cm x 48.2cm)
Case Dimensions:(L x W x H) 17" x 13¾" x 9½" (43.2cm x 34.9cm x 24.1cm)
Overall Dimensions:(L x W x H) 22" x 13¾" x 12" (55.9cm x 34.9cm x 30.5cm)
Electrical Power Requirements: 110 V.A.C. - 10a, 60hz Standard NEMA 5-15
220 V.A.C. - 5a, 50 hz NEMA 5-15 Plug - 2 prong Euro plug
International Electrical Connector: Euro 2-pin Connector
Flow from Pump: 1 Gallon per minute at 800 p.s.i.
Min water pressure necessary: 40 p.s.i.
Min Nozzles: 25 @ .008 Fine (Red "o" Ring)
20 @ .012 Heavy (Black "o" Ring)
Max Nozzles: 35 @ .008 Fine (Red "o" Ring)
25 @ .012 Heavy (Black "o" Ring)

Item Order
Jungle-Mist System™ (Outdoor ONLY) (100070) $3995.00
Jungle-Mist System™ Anti-Drip (Indoor or Outdoor) (100071) $4395.00
Jungle-Mist System™ Anti-Drip 150 Nozzles (Indoor or Outdoor) (600750) $11,525.00
Jungle-Mist System™ Road Case (250222) $895.00
Universal DMX Relay (250041) $189.00