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BU-350 Bubble Machine American DJ
High output bubble machine-
creates hundreds of bubbles per minute
• EZ-Access front fluid tank
• High velocity fan
• Up/Down bubble directional adjustment
• Wands are fitted to make bubbles rise in the air
• ON/OFF switch
• Hanging bracket
• Most types of bubble liquid acceptable
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 14.75 x 9" x 11" / 375 x 230 x 279 mm
• Weight: 10 Lbs. / 4.5 kgs
Optional BT-350 timer remote sold separately



Bubbles, bubbles and even more bubbles! • Extra High output bubble machine-creates hundreds of bubbles per minute • EZ-Access front fluid tank • High velocity fan • Specially designed bubble wands are fitted to make bubbles rise into the air • Dimensions: 10.25" 13.25" x 9" • Weight 14 Lbs.

Juice 1 gal $17.999


The Bubble Master 2000 combines a detachable bubble projector and timer remote with LCD digital display, for maximum output and precise control.
Variable speed control for fans
Bubble output AND size control
Timer control
Durable, lightweight and non corrosive chassis
Projects bubbles over a 10m range

Power requirements: 220 / 240v, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Height: 406mm
Length: 723mm
Width: 412mm
Weight: 9.51kg
Fluid capacity: 5 litres

Fluid 1 gal $24.50

Little Blizzard Snow Machine CITC
The Little Blizzard Snow Machine produces non-toxic foam flakes which evaporate upon impact, creating an effect perfect for theater or audience participation. An adjustable blower determines how far snow travels. Output varies from flurries to a blizzard. The flake size adjustment creates 1/16" to 1/2" flakes. Includes XLR cable connector and 25' remote. Little Blizzard SP (soundproofed) available that is 76% quieter. A good studio fan is recommened for a realistic snow effect, but not necessary.
   Dryer, more consistent flakes!
   2-speed motor! Flake Size adjustment!
   DMX available!
   Made in the USA
   Flying snow without cleanup or mess
   Fluid for Little Blizzard, $39.00 / Gallon
The PF-1000 Pencil Fogger is essentially a fog system taken out of its boxed machine configuration and reassembled to meet special design needs. It is designed for remote, precise applications where the use of a standard fog machine is not practical.
Atypical basic system consists of a separate Heat Exchanger Module, a Control Center and related tubing and wiring. The Heat Exchanger Module is approximately 9 (22.9 cm) long and 3 (7.5 cm) in diameter. This small size allows it to be affixed in many places a standard fog machine could not be used, such as in props and animated mannequins. The Control Center can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere remote to the Heat Exchanger Module and fluid reservoir. The Control Center controls fog volume and on/off operation. Regulated compressed air can be introduced through the heat exchanger to add to the creation of punctuated effects. It con also be modified to allow activation through a lighting control board or a main control computer. A 15 (4.6 m) electrical cable links the Heat Exchanger Module with the Control Center. This cable carries power and the thermal sensing devices. A 15 (4.6 m) long, 1/8 nylon tube carries fog fluid from the reservoir through the Control Center to the Heat Exchanger Module. The system uses all standard Rosco Fog Fluids.